Bode Jackson

This little guy has kept me company on the shop’s “wall of fame” ever since he arrived in November 2007- it’s hard to believe he’s turning five this year! This announcement includes a 3.5×5 z-card with three panels, metallic white printed cards, and a satin ribbon that ties it all together. On the first panel we used sweet verbiage that Bode’s dad came up with; the center panel features his photo (by Mark Garber) and the third panel lists his birthdate, weight and length. The bottom layer z-card is a pale blue polka dot stock, with three white micah metallic cards layered on top and a 5/8″ ribbon from Midori with “le bebe” written in a repeating pattern.


One comment on “Bode Jackson

  1. I was interested in the Bode jackson birth announcement but in pink with gold writing. can you please get back to me ASAP about price/time and so forth. thank you
    cathy daigle

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