Ashley and Bryan

This was the era of the 5×7 pocket fold, which is why you see several of them in our gallery, such as Stephanie and Kyle, Amanda and Matt or Jessica and John. This type of folding invitation became the go-to style for a while because brides would see one on display in the shop, love the beauty and practicality of it, learn they could customize the colors, and voila! Their custom wedding invitation is lovely and practical, large enough yet compact when folded, and is tailored to the colors of their wedding. Having a lot of samples for customers to look through in the shop has been both a blessing and a curse: it allows the creative process to be streamlined for those brides who have a difficult time starting completely from scratch, but it can also create “style ruts” from a design standpoint where we seem to keep creating the same invitation repeatedly. Regardless, Ashley’s invitation was pretty in pink and perfect for her Spring wedding set in a cathedral in Covington, Kentucky.