Annie’s 30th

Yep, this one belongs to me…One of the perks of owning an invitation business is that you get to have the coolest invitations (and tend to have more parties just so you can send out fun invites). The thing that makes me laugh about this invitation is how I made a (failed) attempt at making it look as though the invitations were from my then husband. Like anyone who received one wouldn’t know that I sent my own invites, ha….

This design says it all…turning 30 means “kissing goodbye” to a lot of things – that it turns out you won’t actually miss (and for the record, tequila hasn’t been completely banned). Now at 34, I can actually say I have enjoyed my 30’s way more than my 20’s….I’m more settled, I have some amazing people in my life, and I feel like I finally know myself and my niche in this world.

This invitation was so much fun to design…the multiple fonts, layers, and graphics blend beautifully, and the bright green and orange create just the right statement to go with a gathering of friends at El Meson. The only downside was that they were $1/invitation to mail but I have to say…it was worth it. The overall feel wouldn’t have been the same without the square detail. I particularly love the oversized seal on the front featuring a chandelier and a reminder that “29 is so last year…”

If you’re turning 30, I recommend you do it in style with a portable pocket invitation like this one, complete with a list of all of the things you’ll be saying goodbye to….I have a hunch that even if 30 seems old now, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this new chapter in your life, just like I have been. Welcome to the club. 🙂