Whitney’s Graduation

Whitney, oh Whitney, where do I start…..Whitney bounced into the store one day applying for our internship position, and even though the first time I met her she reminded me of a bubbly, red-headed Hannah Montana, she quickly found a niche at the shop and was a complete joy to work alongside.¬†Whitney became one of our legendary interns at the shop, and this energetic, Texas-bred girl taught me a lot in her time at The Envelope: she explained the ways of Cotillion and hair weaves, taught me how much pugs love to “dress up,” and discovered that it’s never a good idea to use a shrink-wrap gun as a blow dryer (she ended up burning a hole in her shirt).

When she graduated from the University of Dayton she moved to London to study design, and like most things Whitney did, she wanted to announce her commencement in her own unique style. We designed a 4×5 portable pocket in hot metallic pink, and incorporated a lime green paisley accent stock and a swirly, handwritten font. Simply put, her announcement was *almost* as much fun as she is.