Average cost of wedding invitations

Q: Do you have invitations in all price ranges? What is the industry average cost for wedding invitations?

A: Yes, I do have invitations in every price range! In case you’re curious, the industry average cost for wedding invitations is approximately $1,000 for the ensemble. Most ensembles include the invitation, outer mailing envelopes, reply card and envelopes, and some also include a reception card. Most companies sell the enclosure cards a la carte since every wedding is different and not every bride and groom need various additional cards above and beyond the invitation itself.

I have books from a number of vendors with invitations ranging from under $200 for 100 invitations to upwards of $15 per invitation – it all depends on personal taste and budget, but I definitely offer something for everyone. I also have a popular custom line where the sky is the limit and the price can range dramatically depending on size, papers, layers, ribbon, and any other accoutrements that are added. The best bet is to stop in and see the various items I offer and get some ideas together.