Friendly competition (and recommendations)

Q: What if I find a better price somewhere else?

A: Just bring us your estimate from a competitor and we’ll take a look and see if we can beat it. We’d love to work with you and frequently offer the same products at lower prices. That being said, we can’t always match or beat prices of other competitors because frankly many of them and don’t have storefronts or high overhead, or perhaps they are vendors who offer invitations as an add-on to another wedding service (such as photography or cakes) so they can heavily discount these additional products and services, but they also may not possess the expertise or level or service we guarantee for printed products. I don’t bake cakes or do wedding photography because that’s not my area of expertise and quite honestly, I don’t want you to miss out on having the best or lessen the quality of service I can provide by being focused on a singular product/service. (But I can recommend some excellent photographers, florists and cake shops, if you’re interested!)