Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

Disclaimer: the first major thing to note about this invitation is that due to licensing laws I was only able to use the Scooby Doo graphics because it was for private use- these invitations were for Ryan’s 5th Birthday. I’m not legally allowed to sell invitations with licensed or protected graphics, however I wanted to post this invitation because it would be easy to do a more general scavenger hunt or mystery-themed birthday invitation. The best thing about this invitation was that I included the first clue for the scavenger hunt in the invitation and instructed guests to bring it to the party to receive their next clue. We played on the idea of a “birthday bandit” stealing the party favors, and the kids had to read the clues and follow the trail to eventually lead to the party favors and balloons, which the kids got to take home with them. It was a really fun activity and kept them busy and running around outside as they tried to figure out where the next clue was hidden and work as a team to find it.