When to mail wedding invitations

Q: How far in advance should I mail wedding invitations?
A: Six to eight weeks in advance, or earlier if it’s a destination wedding. Most weddings fall during what’s known as “Wedding Season” which runs May-October every year. Due to the popularity of weddings during these months, and the fact that people typically get pretty busy during the summer months, it’s a good idea to get your invitations in the mail in plenty of time in order to ensure that people will pencil your wedding into their busy summer of vacations, holidays, clam bakes, and festivals – and all the catching up at work they’ll have to do once they recover from all the partying.

I usually suggest mailing invitations two months ahead of time. It’s a nice round number and gives your guests plenty of time to respond–and you get plenty of time to track them down if they don’t.

If you’re getting married in the islands, Napa Valley, Vegas, or some other exotic location such as Detroit, you’ll probably want to mail your invitations closer to 10-12 weeks in advance to make sure people can make travel plans, arrange to take off from work, coordinate childcare if it’s an adult only wedding, etc… all with comfortable time to spare.