Britt and Kirk

Love, love, love this couple! Britt came in with her mom, looked through some books and just wasn’t sure what direction she wanted to go. A few albums and a little flutter of disappointment later, Britt saw the “Christina” style invitation hanging on the wall and said, “That one. That’s the one I want.” It was awesome- that moment of clarity when something all of a sudden clicks into place was almost palpable. Britt did something unusual that ended up being completely gorgeous- she blended shades of gold and silver into the same invitation and tied them together with a warm diamond-colored card stock. She chose a traditional script, an elegant flourish and a soft charcoal ink to complete the look of the graphite pocket card, patterned accent layer and pale gold ribbon pull tab. Britt was the sweetest bride to work with, right from the start, and put her trust into us to create the perfect invitation she visualized when she said, “That’s the one I want.” Her genuine excitement to marry Kirk was adorable, and after her mom picked up her invitations and sent her a picture of the finished product, Britt sent me a message saying she cried in front of her first graders because she loved the invitations so much. I couldn’t possibly receive a higher compliment, and it’s brides like Britt that make me love what I do.