Lyndsay’s Vegas Wedding

I have never been as excited about an invitation as I was to work on this design for a small Las Vegas wedding. The bride-to-be came in knowing she wanted to send invitations in a box with poker chips and dice, so I knew we had to raise the bar- we had to create something really special. The best moment in our brainstorming session came when we were trying to think of an appropriate title for the events card, and Melissa said, “What about, ‘What happens in Vegas…?” We all instantly fell in love with the idea, and I followed through with the next logical step- the accommodations card title: “Stays in Vegas…” At this point, we all started high-fiving. It was one of those awesome moments when you’re convinced no one has EVER had an idea as good as this one. The finished product came together like a straight flush, and I couldn’t wait to post photos of it as soon as Lyndsay picked up her invitations.

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