Old Tom Foolery

Spotlight: Old Tom Foolery

I borrowed the following excerpt from Joel and Lauren’s website because when it comes to the written word and witty expression, they simply can’t be outdone. These two are truly awesome people with such fun personalities, which I think is obvious from the poster of “typestaches” they created. We’ve been carrying their greeting cards in our shop since we met them several years back at the National Stationery Show and laughed so hard we cried. With that said, I leave you with a little background on the master minds behind Old Tom Foolery.

Old Tom Foolery is the brainchild of Joel Gryniewski and Lauren Weinblatt—two ad-industry vets who also happen to be married.

Back when Joel was wooing Lauren, he had a tough time finding cards that were: a) funny, b) letterpressed (they’re both suckers for a deep impression), and c) not so dainty as to make her question his masculinity. So they set out to make their own witty letterpress cards that would appeal to both sexes.

Old Tom Foolery launched its first line of “unsappy, uncrappy” greeting cards, The Footnotes Collection, at the National Stationery Show in 2008. Two years later, the company expanded its catalog with a premium, offset-printed line called The Headlines Collection.