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The Envelope is a unique stationery and design boutique located in historic Centerville, Ohio. The Envelope offers traditional and modern wedding and social invitations, personalized and business stationery, calligraphy, and printing and design services.

Why do we still write? Because the art of exchanging written correspondence is timeless -and priceless. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a handwritten letter in the mailbox just waiting to be discovered, the contents a mystery. So what is it we love so much about real mail? It’s the curl of the script, the colors and graphics, the texture and weight of the paper -and above all, it’s about the privilege of being invited into someone else’s life for a moment…it’s the entire experience we love. It’s authentic, organic, and incredibly satisfying. reading a letter from someone is like receiving a gift – it lets us know we’re special, and that someone took a few minutes out of their day to simply say, “You’re worth it.”

The Envelope has proudly offered custom invitations, design and printing services, and the most unique assortment of paper in the Dayton area since 2005. We’ve had the pleasure of working with many of you for several years now, getting to know you and your families. Customers comment all the time that we must love what we do, and they’re absolutely right. Why? Because we create pieces of art that represent memories people will hold onto for a lifetime. For those of you who are new to Dayton, or new to The Envelope, we hope to become one of your local favorites. Come by anytime to peek around, get some ideas, or just say hello. We look forward to seeing you!