Ryan’s Adventure Golf Birthday

Fore! I don’t recommend taking a bunch of 3 year olds putt-putting…however, if you do, and it happens to be for a birthday party, I highly recommend this custom invitation complete with a faux suede putting green. Ryan is now 8 and doesn’t get into birthday parties as much anymore (this year he just wants to “hang out” at home with us) but when he was younger there was ALWAYS a theme. His first birthday was a monkey safari, his second had a cars and trucks theme, fourth was Hot Wheels, fifth we had a Scooby Doo scavenger hunt complete with clues, sixth at the Boonshoft Museum was a “Land and Sea” party (think dinosaurs and sharks), seventh was all about Angry Birds….whew! And I got a little crazier every year with his invitations- check the links- but the golf theme was one of the best. I designed the insert card to look like a score card that fit inside a green square pocket, used popsicle sticks for the flag poles and found an awesome green faux suede for the putting green.