Can you help me with invitation wording?

Q: Do I need to know all of my wording before I can order?

A: No, and honestly that takes all the fun out of it for me. 🙂 I do this all the time and can make it much simpler for you if we can sit down and walk through the wording one step at a time. There are many different circumstances and it’s helpful for me to ask you questions as we go and make sure that the wording is perfect for your individual wedding. There are also pieces of information that you may not know by the time invitations need to be ordered, such as entree choices or accommodations details. But it’s fine to go ahead and choose a layout and get the order started so I can at least be mocking up other pieces and getting the design nailed down. Other pieces of info can trickle in as they are determined and we’ll adjust proofs accordingly.