I’m a DIY kind of person…but can you help?

Q: Can I order paper and make my own invitations? Can I bring my own paper in to be printed?

A: Absolutely! I have about a bazillion stocks to choose from and I’m more than happy to help with as much or as little of the design/print process as you’d like. I have customers who know exactly what they want and just have me order paper for them to make their own invitations, and I have customers who want me to make their lives easier by facilitating the process from start to finish.

Or maybe you have a friend who wants to design your invitations as your wedding present… No problem! I can print them if he or she sends us the files. Do you have your own paper already and just need someone to print it? Bring it in and let me test it out…Printers are finicky creatures and they don’t always like super heavy, glossy, or textured stocks. The best thing to do is bring in what you’d like printed and let me give it a test-run. I am happy to quote out printing for products brought in from elsewhere, as well as design/layout services as well. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, however much assistance you need, I’m here to help.