I had an enlightening experience today that reminded me of the caliber and integrity of our customers. A young man stopped in today explaining that he was in a major time crunch and hoped we could help. His wedding is next weekend, and the company that was supposed to print his programs dropped the ball. For some reason, they never ordered the paper or started on his order, and he only found out when he called to followup with them. What I thought was remarkable was that despite the ringer this company had put them through, he was still hesitant to “throw them under the bus” and instead chose to say that their methods were just “more laid back” and weren’t working with their timeline. I’ve worked with a lot of people under time crunches like this one, and let me tell you- they’re not all that nice, especially when there’s blame to throw around. Some have been downright scathing. So we talked about what we can do to help, came up with a plan, and he left feeling very relieved. And as if it wasn’t enough that he refused to talk badly about the business that let them down 9 days before their wedding, he shared something else with me that made me take a step back. I asked where they planned to honeymoon, and he said that they had decided to donate their honeymoon fund to their church because the church needed it more at this point. What an eye-opening experience it was for me that someone a week before their wedding (while scrambling with last minute details for what is presumably the biggest day of their lives) showed so much generosity toward others.  It’s encounters like this one that make me realize that there are truly good people out there, and I have to give kudos to this couple for starting their marriage off in the true spirit of giving to others. I have no doubt they’ll have many happy years together.