You want me to pay you how much?

Q: Do I put down a deposit on invitations or pay in full?

A: Once upon a time, we used to take a deposit for orders, but there were a few unhappy occasions where people ordered things and never came back to get them- this became problematic because (you do the math) half of payment + zero more dollars = we don’t make any money. And if we don’t make anything, we can’t keep buying cool products for the store, and we can’t stay in business to accommodate all the wondrous ideas you can dream up in paper. Soooo, long story short (too late), payment in full is appreciated at the time of the order, and the insurance policy sounds something like this: 1) nothing will be printed until proofs are fully approved 2) if you’re unhappy for some crazy reason, we’ll make it right 3) we’re pretty certain…you’re gonna love it!