Spotlight: Midori

Spotlight: Midori

midori ribbonDecadent. That’s the one word I would use to describe Midori ribbon. With French double-faced satins, organdy, dupioni silk, gros grain, velvet, velvet satin, custom tidings ribbon and more, you’ll never be without the perfect ribbon ever again. Midori also offers gorgeous handmade gift wrap and boxes.

Midori started on a kitchen table in 1989, created by its founder coincidentally sharing the same name. Having grown up in Japan, where gift giving is both an art form and an important social obligation, Midori had a simple idea: to bring the beautiful fabric ribbon she knew as a girl to the United States. The beginnings were very modest and anything but certain: Midori recalls thinking that if the ribbon idea didn’t work out; she would just have a big garage sale. The company thrived, and quickly outgrew her little house.

Aya, her then 8-year-old daughter, while growing up along side the prospering company, went on to blaze her own path as a successful dancer and actress. Mother and daughter travelled parallel paths for years until fate guided them to a convergence, and an opportunity arose. In 2010 Aya Sumika and Trevor John bought MIDORI Inc.

The creative husband and wife duo, inseparable since 15 years old, had a vision that flooded their minds on how to build on top of the 22-year old foundation of extraordinary quality, precise color palette, and superb customer service: to organically grow in the direction of a completely unique lifestyle brand. While passionately pouring their hearts into this experience they are on a mission to continue to make the world a place to celebrate difference, and encourage creativity.

Midori = Green. Midori is aware of all aspects of their company’s environmental impact, including product safety. They routinely test their product, inspect production facilities, and follow a policy of respect for humanity, respect for animals, and respect for the environment. Their handmade Gift Wrap, made in India is a great example. Each sheet is created from 100% recycled cotton using skilled hand labor and techniques practiced for hundreds of years. Not only does their Gift Wrap reduce waste; sustaining our planet, it also employs the community while preserving an age-old craft. Midori and their partnering retailers look forward to continuing in the pursuit of introducing products that are beautiful and environmentally friendly that customers will love and feel good about.