10 Things to Ask Your Stationer {and we hope that’s us!}

10 Things to Ask Your Stationer {and we hope that’s us!}

Wedding Season has begun! Wait- what’s that you say? But it’s January! Yep, that’s right… And in the world of wedding industry professionals, this is the beginning of our busiest time of year since most couples plan weddings that will take place during the months May-October.

Since we know a lot of our customers are in the early stages of planning, we thought we’d help answer some questions before you tackle the task of choosing the perfect invitation. Ever-popular wedding website, The Knot, formulated a fantastically thorough list of questions to ask your stationer before ordering wedding invitations, and we thought we’d take some of the guess work out of it for you:

Q1: Do you sell custom designs or invitation lines, and if so, which ones do you carry and how many are available?
A1: Yes and yes! We offer custom designs featuring paper from the Envelopments line, as well as a number of albums from other vendors (Checkerboard, Kleinfeld, and Designers Fine Press, just to name a few) featuring their own design styles and wedding suites that can be customized in varying degrees.

Q2: Do you specialize in a specific style or theme (for example, traditional or modern)?
A2: We don’t specialize in any one style; we offer them all and will work with you to ensure the style of your invitation fits the overall theme, level of formality, and color palette of your wedding/event.

Q3: Are there books I can browse through?
A3: Yes, indeed! We have almost two dozen different albums and literally hundreds of samples to peruse.

Q4: Are other personalized items available? If so, can I see examples and a price list?
A4: Yep! We can help design and print any number of things from place cards, table numbers, and menus, to napkins, favor boxes/tags, programs and seating charts. Just ask, and we’ll be happy to provide style ideas and a quote for any wedding day project you can dream up.

Q5: How are invitations priced? Is there any benefit to purchasing other wedding paper (menus, escort cards) at the same time?
A5: Invitations are priced by the companies who design them, for the most part. The cost is typically made up of three things: material, printing, and labor/setup. Tip: the price will vary considerably depending on the print process, the materials used, and the amount of customization. There can be benefits to ordering multiple items at the same time, as you can save on shipping, proofing, and cutting fees if ordering multiple pieces from the same line.

Q6: How much customization is possible?
A6: Almost anything can be designed based on your individual taste, style, or ideas you’ve seen and fallen in love with. Bring in your ideas! Share your Pinterest boards with us! We are happy to help bring into reality whatever vision you have for your invitations, and help convey the overall feel of the event to your guests.

Q7: What about calligraphy—do you work with anyone? Can you recommend someone?
A7: We work with the most amazing calligrapher in the Dayton area, and we’re happy to serve as the liaison for you to have your envelopes, place cards, or even your chalkboard seating chart, done in the beautifully hand-written style of your choosing.

Q8: Am I allowed to customize my invitation wording?
A8: Of course! There are a rare handful of invitations we carry that have a pre-printed design featuring some sort of verbiage, i.e. “Love” or some other expression that may not be able to be changed if it’s part of the overall design of the card, however the vast majority of our invitations are able to be customized with your unique wording and fonts.

Q9: How long after I place my order will my invitations arrive?
A9: Depending on the style you choose and how much assembly is involved, this could take anywhere from 1-6 weeks. If you’re in a bind for time, let us recommend some of the quicker options to make sure you get them in the mail and off your plate.

Q10: Once I’ve placed my order, will I be able to see a proof (what the invitation will look like) before the invitations are printed? What happens if there’s an error in the order?
A10: Always! We never order invitations without proofing them first, which protects us AND you from spelling errors or design issues that could be costly and time-consuming to correct. And the bottom line: we want you to be thrilled with the finished product, so we do our very best to get it right from the get-go!

Let us know if there are other questions we can answer for you, or feel free to visit our gallery or FAQs section for additional information. Happy browsing, and we look forward to working with you!